Young Emerging Leaders

Apr 23, 2021

The Young Emerging Leaders (YEL) is composed of young energetic, future leaders who are committed to growing our community through exposure to business activities and service.  The organization’s mission is to provide professional and social opportunities for emerging leaders, ages 21-40. Through networking, professional development, and community services, YEL members can meet and connect with established leaders and like-minded professionals.

In their April meeting, the YEL group had the privilege to hear from Mrs. Verna Rutherford, former Communications Manager for Motiva Enterprises’ Port Arthur Refinery, and President and CEO for the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Rutherford shared with the group her professional and educational journey which allowed her to reach a leadership position where she could create and develop community engagement efforts at many levels throughout her career. She also explained to them the importance of building relationships with the people you meet.

Mrs. Rutherford is an inspirational figure who is constantly enriching our community. She reassures that our YEL members continue to impact the community by being servant leaders. Mrs. Rutherford stated that our younger generation of leaders often do not realize that the younger generations are looking up to them the same way they look up to people like her. Mrs. Rutherford’s community involvement and leadership role will continue to influence our future generations and motivate them to strive for success. Also, she reminded them that by serving our community, they will continue to guide others to do the same.

-Joliana Reyes