Success Story - Manuel Ceballos

Dec 18, 2020

Success Stories



As the lead for the Chamber’s Mentoring Program, I have the privilege of collaborating with interns from Lamar State College, Texas Workforce Solutions, and other workforce experienced entities.

One of our success stories here at the chamber has been a young man named, Manuel Ceballos. Manuel was introduced to the chamber through the Texas Workforce Program in Port Arthur, Texas.

Manuel expresses how, “Being a part of the chamber helped me to become a better person, for example I learned how to dress adequately, to speak better, as well as how to use the computer and answer the phone. Joe is a wonderful person with a good heart, and thanks to him I came out a different person’’.

One of the core items that was instrumental in Manuel’s success was his growing knowledge of working in a professional office environment.

“Joe taught us to always be yourself, and that its okay to make mistakes. He wanted us to know that he was always there to help us if we needed him. This was true even after I completed my training”


The Chamber want to thank Manuel for his time here at the chamber and let him know that we think he is a bright, motivated young man that put all his effort and dedication into his work. We are happy to continue to watch him progress and become successful in his next endeavor.


Joe Tant

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