Success Story - Icerra Cane

Nov 20, 2020

Success Stories

As the lead for the Chamber’s Mentoring Program, I have the privilege of collaborating with interns from Lamar State College, Texas Workforce Solutions, and other Workforce experience entities.  

 One of our greatest success stories here at the chamber has been a young lady named Ms. Icerra Cane.

Icerra was introduced to the Chamber through the Texas Workforce Solution Program in Port Arthur Texas and is the owner of Icy Burgers; a family owned business that serves soul food and burgers, but is also well know for their cupcakes and gumbo. Icy is looking to expand in the Orange Texas area since her other location has been so successful.

“During my time at the chamber, Mr. Joe Tant took time to help me with accounting and other aspects of business development that helped me to open up my own business. The advice that I would give to future interns is to listen and be willing to learn so that one day you can be in a position to help others to follow their dreams. Raquel Ochoa and Joe Tant really care about the individuals in their program and strive to be there to help with homework, social skills, life skills or even with the necessary paperwork to get into college. I am grateful for the advice and knowledge that they have given me”


The Chamber is extremely proud of Icy and we are super excited to continue to watch her grow and follow her path toward her dream. As an intern, Icy took on all of the challenges that we could throw at her and was AMAZING!


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