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Oct 30, 2013

Is Your Business Card Effective?


There are a multitude of options to market and advertise your business in today’s high tech world; be it through a website, an app or the plethora of ever growing social networking sites.  However, the most effective yet most ignored is the business card.  Your business card can be directly given to a prospect, dropped in a presentation folder or swapped at a meeting.             

A business card is like a first impression to your potential customers, so it has to stand out; but before you get carried away with fancy designs, colors and eye catching graphics let’s start with the basics.

               1.       Information. Make sure all the important information is on the card to start with.  Your prospective client needs to know how to get in touch with you.  Make sure you include your location, phone number, e-mail, and web site.  Keep in mind, if you don’t list a website it can often cause doubt to the legitimacy of your business.

               2.       Picture Time. Whether you are an individual or a large scale business, put a picture.  A picture will always make you more memorable.

               3.       Continuity. As much as you might want all those pretty eye popping colors or graphics, ask yourself a question.  Does this match my business?  If you already have a logo or a theme to your business, incorporate that into your business card.  When your card is so different than your website or business front, it can confuse prospects into thinking they have looked up the wrong business.

              4.       Full utilization.  Often times the back of a business card is left blank, this is a no-no.  Make use of all the space you have, but that does not mean make it cluttered with too much information.  A great way to generate business is to put a coupon on the back of your card.  This also helps prevent your card from getting tossed in the trash!

              5.       Use standard size.  The current standard business card size is 3.5” x 2”.  Although you may be looking for cool ways to stand out, if your card is too big or an awkward shape that can’t be easily put into a purse or wallet it will be tossed aside.  Try using the card vertically to stand out.

             6.       Quality.  Flimsy business cards impress no one, ever.  In the mind of a future prospect, low quality cards will translate to a low quality business. 

             7.       Measure twice cut once.  Make sure you have reached perfection.  Errors will only do the opposite of what you intended for your card.  When in doubt, have others look it over or turn to a professional to get the job done.


Written by: Ana Carthers

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