Contractor's Business Development Group

Sep 24, 2021

The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce hosted their monthly Contractor’s Business Development Group meeting at the Lamar State College’s banquet room. The breakfast sponsor and event speaker was AT-PAC Scaffold Supply.

This meeting started with Joe Tant, Financial Manager, at the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce, remembering Paige Snyder and expressing how important having these Contractor’s meetings meant to her. Afterwards, Pat Avery, President/CEO, at the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce also added heartwarming comments about Paige Snyder. The meeting continued with Elton Hollis saying a prayer for Paige’s family.

Event speaker Scott Sundberg, Branch Manager, at AT-PAC briefly gave an overview of their company. For over two decades, AT-PAC has been a leading supplier of high-quality industrial scaffolding to contractors and project managers worldwide. A few of their services include Product Design, Product Familiarization Courses/ Training, Scaffolding for Rent, and much more.

Elton proceeded to announce through a PowerPoint presentation some of the upcoming projects that will start taking place in the area and giving details about each one of them. He named many projects having to do with maintenance, pipeline extensions, gas compressors, and he also talked about the mid-year small projects that benefits small businesses. This turned out to be another successful contractor’s meeting filled with support and unity.