City of Port Arthur Winter Weather Advisory Update

Feb 17, 2021


Due to inclement weather, the Port Arthur Health Department will cancel COVID Vaccine clinical services today at the Bob Bowers Civic Center. Staff is working to reschedule patients with appointments for the COVID vaccination HUB and those who have been scheduled for today must contact the Health Department at (409) 983-8832 as soon as possible for direction and instructions.


Public Works:

Drainage and Streets' crews have cover vulnerable bridges and overpasses with a sand-brine mixture to help prevent ice buildup in those areas. However, public safety officials discourage any travel, unless in an emergency situation. Please stay off the roads, if possible.

Residential and commercial Solid Waste collections will be serviced at a minimum of three days behind for next week. Public Works crews will attempt to do Monday's schedule on tomorrow, February 18th, and the next days, weather permitting. Updates will be posted on this website and on the City's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The collection schedule is currently as follows:


Water Utilities:

 There is a Boil Water advisory for the City of Port Arthur. Please follow the instructions for this notice.  Also expect water outages due to breaks in water mains from this winter storm. Crews are making repairs and no timeline has been reached for repairs. Please stay tuned to the City's website -, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts for several updates.



Port Arthur Transit (PAT) will temporarily suspend fixed-route and paratransit services on Monday, February 15 and Tuesday, February 16, 2021, due to inclement weather.  Citizens with paratransit trips to medical services scheduled for Monday, February 15 and Tuesday, February 16, 2021, will receive a phone call from management to discuss transportation options.  PAT will make every effort to accommodate these previously scheduled appointments.  Fixed-route and paratransit services will resume on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.


Animal Control:

Due to predicted low temperatures, please provide adequate shelter for all animals. Please bring all pets indoors if at all possible. If not possible, please provide adequate bedding for dog houses or other shelter (hay, multiple blankets, etc.). Animal Control is on call to respond to emergency calls and will continue to provide service as long as roads are passable. Should the roads become unsafe for travel, Animal Control will resume investigations as soon as weather permits safe travel.


Notice from Entergy:

Key Messages:


Freezing rain, snow, sleet, and ice accumulation are expected.

Traveling can be impacted with icy roadways, especially bridges and overpasses.

Ice accumulating on trees and power lines can result in power outages.

Entergy resources are prepared to deploy if outages occur. 

Safety is our number one priority.  If you lose power:


Stay away from downed power lines and assume they are energized. Report them to 1-800-9OUTAGE.

Report your power outage online to Entergy Texas or call 1-800-9OUTAGE. There is no need to speak with a customer service representative to report an outage if completed online.

If you have a portable generator, use it safely. DO NOT run it in an enclosed space. If connecting to the whole house, do so only if the connection has been installed by a licensed electrician to prevent back feed on to the distribution system.

Do not open your refrigerator or freezer door. Food will stay cold much longer this way. If outside temperature is below freezing, consider placing food in an ice chest outside.

Please stay clear of linemen as they work to safely restore power

Customers without power can help in the restoration process by turning off major appliances but leaving on a lamp or other light to indicate when power is restored. Then, gradually turn other appliances to spread out the increase in power usage over a longer time.

 Customer preparations should include:


Charge up mobile devices and back-up batteries.

Download the Entergy app to sign up for text updates.

Review guidance at

If you have medical equipment that requires electricity to properly function, take necessary steps to secure an alternative source of electricity in the event of a power disruption.

Have an emergency kit including flashlights, medicine, first aid, blankets, water, and food.

 Conserve Electricity:


 Remember that extreme cold can drive increased electricity consumption.  Follow these easy steps to reduce consumption and lower your usage:


Heating can account for as much as 55% of your monthly electric bill. Setting the thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter is an easy way to reduce how much energy you use. Every degree above 68 on the thermostat can increase your bill by about 3%.

Conserve hot water. Wrap your electric water heater with a water heater blanket that can be found at local home improvement stores and set the thermostat to 120 degrees or medium.

Keep all doors and windows closed. Constant traffic will let out the warm air, forcing your heater to work harder to keep the room at the set temperature.

Ensure fans are turning the right way. Fans should be run at a low speed clockwise during the winter. This helps keep the cold air from blowing down on you.

Keep the air circulating. Don’t block heat registers or air returns with curtains or furniture.

Leverage the sun. During the day, open your curtains and blinds to let in the warm sunlight. Close them at night to reduce heat loss.

Success Story - Jessica Gonzalez

Jan 22, 2021

Success Stories


As the lead for the Chamber’s Mentoring Program, I have the privilege of collaborating with interns and mentees from Lamar State College Port Arthur, Texas Workforce Solutions, Port Arthur Independent School District, and other workforce experience entities.

One of our greatest success stories here at the chamber has been a young lady named, Ms. Jessica Gonzalez.

Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Jessica was introduced to The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce by the Texas Workforce Solutions Program.

“Jessica has been one of the most influential parts of our Mentoring and Internship Program. She was instrumental in helping to develop the curriculum that we use throughout the training process with our incoming mentees. She has time and time again, come back in her spare time to help the Port Arthur Education Foundation with projects like processing Innovative Teacher Grants, issuing scholarships, and helping with events. She has helped the Chamber with Internship Training Modules, Program Implementations that are necessary to help the new incoming interns and being an all-around positive role model.

It is truly a fantastic feeling to know that Jessica is about to walk through the door and take charge.”

The chamber is very proud to learn that SETEX Construction, a chamber member, has hired Jessica in their local office. We want to wish Jessica all the best in her future endeavors and express our sincere gratitude for her guidance and help throughout the years.


Joe Tant

Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce/The Port Arthur Education Foundation

Make a Difference

Jan 22, 2021



Over the years working at the Chamber, you meet a lot of interesting people. I’ve’ had the opportunity to hear interesting stories, met high ranked officials, helped businesses prosper and grow, learned of new companies moving to the area, and been involved in upcoming projects. The people I have met really made me realize that we are all looking for the same thing. It is the opportunity to have a great career, put family first, live for the weekends, celebrate religious beliefs, take an awesome vacation, and enjoy our golden years.

As I said before, I have met lots of interesting people but one Leroy Fagg, aka “Papa Smurf” never met a stranger, helped with non-profit volunteer work, always willing to help others, hurricane relief efforts, but most of all greeted you with a big smile, hug, and a kiss. He recently lost his battle with COVID-19 but was very active in every aspect of the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce, the region, and especially in the Contractor’s Business Development Group. There are so many lives that have been taken way to early from this disease. “Everywhere he went, every room he entered, he brightened tremendously and left people feeling better than before he arrived. Everyone who was his friend, he made them feel like they were his best friend!”- Rick Danna. “If you knew Leroy, he was your friend. A shining light has left us.” -Travis Woods.  “Oh, so bright your star shined Leroy!  You are missed.” Pat Avery.

We salute you and our hearts go out to all those who have lost love one’s way to early and never had an opportunity to say goodbye.

Paige Snyder, IOM

Membership Director


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