Total Care Port Arthur

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Member: Total Care Port Arthur
8035 Memorial Blvd  Suite B
Port Arthur, TX 77640
Phone: (409) 670-5828
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Additional Information: Total Care
Member Since: 3/7/2018
Business Categories: Health Care Services

Total Care is a multispecialty clinic specializing in Occupational Medicine, Disease Management, and Convenient care for adults and children. Total care will offer Occ-Med services such as pre-employment physicals, PFT testing, Audiometric Testing, Vision Screening, Injured worker, post accident drug testing, and any other occmed related services needed.Total Care also will offer Interim Disease Management for the thousands of working menand women who are here on a short term bases working fo... Read More

Total Care Port Arthur
8035 Memorial Blvd, Suite B

Port Arthur, TX 77640