IBN Sina Foundation

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Member: IBN Sina Foundation
8455 9th Avenue  Suite B
Port Arthur, TX 77642
Website: www.ibnsinafoundation.org
Email: salma.meghani@ibnsinafoundation.org
Phone: (409) 724-7462
Fax: (409) 724-7464
Member Since: 1/18/2012
Business Categories: Clinics & Medical Groups

Low Cost Comprehensive Primary-care Clinic Clinic Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 2pm Pay Only $25 for Doctor's consultation Free immunizations for 18 years & under Free primary-care if qualify Free medical & dental for individuals 21 yrs and under if qualify. Healthcare Discount membership Program for eligibility and more information call clinic at 409-724-7462

IBN Sina Foundation
8455 9th Avenue, Suite B

Port Arthur, TX 77642