HeatEX Industries, Inc.

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Company Information

Member: HeatEX Industries, Inc.
PO  Box 20211
Beaumont, TX 77720-0211
Website: www.heatexinc.net
Email: sbender@heatexinc.net
Phone: (409) 751-3300
Fax: (409) 755-4454
Member Since: 8/11/2015
Business Categories: Industrial Contractors

Repair and retube of heaters, furnances, boilers and reformers with fabrication, tube and harp welding and a burner installation support. All welding services with emphasis on alloy welding and pipe fabrication support. Exchanger services on request. Full bolt torque and tension division with full range of equip[ment sizes to support turnaround or maintenance efforts.

HeatEX Industries, Inc.
PO, Box 20211

Beaumont, TX 77720-0211